31 ИЮЛЯ / 18 BI Development
New cottage town Vela Village

The modern and comfortable Vella Village cottage town is located
at the intersection of the avenues Mangilik El and Kabanbay
Batyr - in a rapidly developing area of the capital.
Potential buyers have the opportunity to choose the houses and the
construction material. They have a choice between the framework
from a brick and from innovative thermo panels. Brick houses do not
provide internal walls, cottages will be rented in a free layout, the
residents will have the opportunity to choose the location of the
rooms themselves and make the layout of their dreams.
Now there are four types of finishing, depending on the selected package. In
accordance with the square of the selected house, land plots are provided from 6
to 8 ares for brick buildings and about 10 ares for thermo panels.
The key features of this project is the modern architecture. The
concept differs from other projects by neoclassical style, flat roof,
ventilated facades and large stained glass windows.
The main advantages of the new cottage town are individual
gasification, servicing ease, economical efficiency and safety.
Another individual project feature is ventilated facades. On the
facades were applied plaster in the previously implemented cottage
All of the above and high-quality materials from leading
manufacturers make the Vela Village incredibly comfortable to live.

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