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Modern German-made soil rollers have arrived to the East Kazakhstan oblast.
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Experts believe that the new rollers will help reduce the time of the
erection of formation and increase the work quality: now it is possible
to double the layer of fill.

‒ BOMAG rollers allow compacting the ground up to two meters in
depth, - said Aidyn Maiusov, the director of the ABK-Avtodor NS of
Zyryanovsky branch. - For comparison, the technique we used earlier
affects only half a meter of soil.

BOMAG has already been tested on sites with different soil
thicknesses: fifty centimeters, one meter and one and a half meters.
Experts were convinced that the new rollers correspond to the
declared characteristics.
‒ We will test them for 21 days. If the results are good, the equipment
will be used on other projects in Kazakhstan, - continues Aidyn
The ability to build roads quickly is of great importance for the whole
country. Therefore, the introduction of modern German technology
into this area is an important event.

‒ BOMAG does not offer unique technologies. They were developed
in the last century, and became the standard of Europe two years ago,
- says Denis Ulyashov, the director of Komek Machinery Kazakhstan.
‒ It is surprising that these technologies have not been applied here

According to Denis Alekseyevich, innovation can modernize the
construction standards of Kazakhstan. It should be reminded that the
route Ust-Kamenogorsk - Zyryanovsk - Bolshenarymskoe - Katon-

Karagai - Rakhmanovskiye klyuchi is planned to launch in two years.
Today, this project employs 350 people and 160 units of equipment.

Incidentally, the new equipment is made by the German company for
the production of BOMAG road-building equipment. The roller
weighs 26 tons: 18 of them are a polygonal drum, which allows
working on large depths of the earth. Today the machine has no
competitors in the field of road construction. In addition, it
demonstrates lower operating costs, better sealing technology and
high productivity.

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