01 НОЯБРЯ / 18 BI Infra Construction
Construction of 40 km corridor “Western Europe - Western China” completed

road section 40 km long has been commissioned in Zhambyl
region. The Kordai pass detour II stage construction project is
successfully implemented by the Kazakhdorstroy road division of
BI Group holding.
The grand ceremony of the road opening gathered neighboring
villagers, representatives of local and regional administration, and
also Kazavtozhol operating company meeting the first symbolic
transport column. When the second lot of this project is to be
delivered, it will mean that the country has received one more ready
section of the Western Europe – Western China international transport
corridor, which is most economically valuable across the globe.

“The old pass way belongs to the 2nd category, ‒ said Director of
Kazakhdostroy division, Zagapar Doshchanov. It means that it`s not
enough safe for growing traffic, but regularly causes jams, especially
in winter. Moreover, it`s too long”.
The new I B category road is laid round the pass not only saving time,
but solving the most important safety and comfort issues during
traffic. The bigger part of this section is concrete, but stiff slopes and
turns are asphalted. It enables better tire-road adhesion, especially in

The completed two-lane road section is fully delivered: with divider,
parking sites, power transmission lines, bus stop, interchange, ROE
and traffic control post. The road width is 7.5 meters. The design
speed is 120 km/h.
Challenging works have been carried out since last year under
changeable climatic conditions such as heat and winding in summer.
It hindered construction but road builders found a way out and
delivered the facility in time.

“Concrete is a specific material, - said Project Head, Shatbek
Baisynov, ‒ if we lay it, for example, at temperature higher than +25

degrees, it shall dry too fast and unevenly set. Same challenge is
winding 7-10 m/sec making us to stop works, either it affects coating

The project experience shows that professionals shall not rival nature.
Having used advantages of the warm climate builders worked in two
shifts maintaining needed pace of works and result. Let us remember
that Kazakhdorstroy division commissioned the first lot of this road,
which is also 40 km long.

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