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Living in Sauran Towers Residential Complex is to be in the center of events
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The weekend of the new residents of Sauran Towers RC began with
good news: a sunny and warm fall day in Astana and the early renting
of their residential complex. The location of the residential complex
and the design of its facade did not leave anyone indifferent, and the
first thing guests of future residents asked was if there were any free
apartments in this house.
Askar Shaizin, the project manager answered all the questions: “The
Sauran Towers residential complex consists of two 18-storey
buildings. There are 260 apartments. We built it for 13 and a half
months, instead of 16. Renting was planned on December 25, but we
rented it ahead of schedule. We applied FunderMax, a new Austrian
material. It goes in combination with two colors of granite and
terracotta tiles, which creates an excellent architectural ensemble.
Sales of this complex are completed. There are only two apartments
left. Customers who chose this RC made the right choice. ”
The right choice can be justified not only by the location, but also by
convenient layouts, home improvement, as well as the design of the
entrance halls.
One of the bonuses for residents is BI BookCrossing. Bookcrossing is
a hobby and social movement that operates on the principle of social
networks and is close to a flash mob. A person, having read a book,
leaves it in a public place so that another, random person can find and
read this book; the person, in turn, must repeat the same action. Now
you can make friends with your neighbors by exchanging opinions
about the book in the elevator.
Future friendly neighbors shared their impressions of the house.
“Today we saw our apartment for the first time. Emotions overwhelm
us. When choosing an RC, it was important for me that there were
sports facilities nearby to go on foot to the games. For his wife, it was
important to be close to shopping centers, fitness clubs and the
botanical garden. We worked for a long time to buy this apartment!

The BI Group really builds happiness,” the head of the Nurseitov
family told about his impressions.
“We got an apartment for our son. We have been living in this area
for 10 years. We like the location of RC because everything is close
to the house. We bought the first apartment in 2005, for these 13 years
the company has greatly increased in service, design of facades and,
in general, every house is more and more beautiful. We wish new
residents to make repairs faster and settle down to live in comfort,”
the Bekpalov family shared.
We wish all new residents happiness and well-being! Let new
apartments bring you new opportunities!

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