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Journalists have assessed Astana-Pavlodar road quality

This project is the part of the Tsentr-Vostok large throughway of the
country listed in Nurly zhol state program facilities, which will be
commissioned until the end of this year. Before the start of the press
tour journalists decided to conduct the experiment and check whether
the new road meet applicable international standards. They put the
water bottle on the bus panel and sit near the bus driver. The liquid
has shook only twice along the way to Yereimentau. But it doesn`t
affect on their final decision. They were pleased with the road quality
built by our company.

“This I-A concrete road consisting of 4 lanes each 3.75 m wide. Total
width of the road is 15 m. Cover type is cement concrete 25 cm thick.
Reconstruction of the section means not only the road bed laying, but
all needed auxiliary works: design of culverts, cattle routes, viaducts,
bridges and transport junctions. Additionally we install bus stops,
enclosed bus stops and rest areas”, ‒ reported the Project Head,
Yerlan Zhanabayev.

Astana‒Yereimentau‒Shiderty project, 115-165 km long is peculiar
due to the zero-laid road part enabling shorten the distance between
Yereimentau and the capital by 5 km. For this purpose ABK-Avtodor
NS disivion builders have to cut large bald mountains, which are
common in this area.

BI Group Lean technology promoted efficient operation and proper
implementation of set tasks. Continuous search of ways to optimize
operating processes resulted in saved time and resources. The team
installed additional snow control barriers in the working areas at the
115-165 km section, which has significantly reduced waiting time,
because earlier spring melt water suspended to start works.

BI Road Construction building team efficiency has positive factors as
follows: comfortable shift village, concrete and ground-batching
plants, machine repair site and hi-tech laboratory controlling quality
of original materials and testing concrete samples. All this enables
builders to successfully and duly complete works meeting all quality

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