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Housing Class: Premium

Location: Astana, Akbulak 2 Microdistrict, Amman Street, corner of Charles de Gaulle Street

The residential complex “Milan Quarter” is conveniently located in the most promising residential area of Astana, on the border between the left and right banks of the city.

It is one of the most picturesque places in Astana, offering views from the windows of the Ak Bulak River, the Ak Orda Presidential Residence, and the presidential park area. This area attracts residents and guests of the city with its location and personal living space. The residential complex consists of 5 buildings, each with 6-7 floors and no more than three entrances, emphasizing exclusivity. The classic Italian style of the buildings recalls the legendary streets of Milan. Associations with La Scala are evoked by the open terraces on the upper floors, a first in Astana. These terraces offer beautiful views of the Esil embankment.