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Grand Opera
About the project

Housing class: business

Delivery: 2020

Location: Astana, Turan Avenue.

The concept of the Grand Opera residential complex, which consists of four buildings with a height of eight to sixteen floors, is based on the image of one of the largest opera houses in the world, the Astana Opera. The houses are located on a building site so that they form a closed courtyard with a seating area for cars.

Apartment buildings are built using advanced technologies that provide excellent earthquake resistance, as well as a high level of comfort. The necessary structural strength is guaranteed by a reinforced concrete monolithic frame. The walls are constructed of gas blocks, and facade insulation provides good indicators of energy efficiency of buildings.

Silent high-speed elevators are installed in the house, and insulated doors with a video intercom are installed at the entrances to the entrances. There is a lobby in each entrance. Fire sensors and necessary engineering communications are connected.

Driveways for special transport are laid next to the buildings, pedestrian paths are arranged between the houses.