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Only Sun & Moon
About the project

Housing class: business, comfort

Delivery: 2020-2022

Location: Astana, Bokeikhan str., Mangilik El Ave.

Within walking distance from the project are key facilities - AIFC, National Bank, Mega SilkWay shopping center and Expo Park.

HPL panels and clinker tiles were used as the facade. Such materials are resistant to external weather influences and are environmentally friendly, i.e. they do not evaporate toxic substances during operation. Acoustic Pro system, developed jointly with Daewoo Engineering & Construction, which is one of the top 3 developers in South Korea and has its own acoustic laboratory, was used on the inter-apartment partitions to improve noise insulation.

The courtyard of the residential complex consists of four zones: two gaming, sports and quiet zone. Much attention is paid to landscaping.

Also, the Only Sun & Moon LCD has its own square, where residents of houses can enjoy a walk. For the convenience of customers, the project team has landscaped the urban area on Bokeikhan Street and created parking spaces for offices.