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Highway Astana-Petropavlovsk 184-230 km
About the project

Location - Akmola Region, The Republic Of Kazakhstan
Length - 46.3km
Road Topping - Asphalt Concrete
Category - I-A
Contract Cost - $ 250.3 Mln
Type of work - Reconstruction of a motor way, bridges, crossover and interchanges.

First in Kazakhstan asphalt concrete autobahn was constructed by Kazakhdorstroy. The team joined the project in the final 2009 year and did the unthinkable by constructing the road in a very tight timeline. Tight schedule, extreme workload and almost military discipline had an effect, and the best employees were working on the project. That is how the company set a new bar of infrastructure construction in Kazakhstan. It took efforts to acquire new technologies. At last, concrete roads started to appear in Kazakhstan.

  • 2009