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Western Europe - Western China
About the project

Location - the Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhambyl Oblast
The length – 92 km
Coverage – Cement Concrete
Category – I-А
Contract cost - $ 245 million
Main types of work - Construction and reconstruction of roads, bridges, overpasses and traffic interchanges

One of the largest and most significant projects was the construction of three sections of the Western Europe-Western China international transit corridor.
The ultimate goal of the project is to develop the country's transit potential and bring a new development of trade and economic relations with the largest
emerging markets of the world, such as China and Russia. Construction included the creation of new roads and reconstruction of existing roads with bringing the parameters to the first category.

The implementation of the Western Europe-Western China international project has allowed to qualitatively raise the technological level of the domestic road
construction sector. Thousands of specialists were attracted, plants for the production of concrete and fractional crushed stone, soil-mixing plants were launched, and modern road-building equipment and cement warehouses were used within the project. During the road construction, the division provided jobs for the local population and used domestic materials and services.

  • Roads Committee of Ministry for Investments and Development of the RK


  • 2013

    Implementation date