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Western Europe - Western China northern bypass of Aktobe 0-39.4 km
About the project

Location - the Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe oblast
The length - 39,392 km
Coverage - Asphaltic Concrete
Category – II
Contract cost - $ 81.3 million
The main types of work - Reconstruction of the road, bridges, overpasses and

The road construction of the Northern bypass of Aktobe of the Western Europe- Western China international transit corridor was completed in 2013.
Kazakhdorstroy Division began construction in late 2011. The length of thetwo-lane asphalt road of the second category is 39.3 kilometers. The width - 9 m. Asphalt pavement can withstand loads of up to 13 tons per axle. Four new bridges and three two-level cloverleaf typed transport interchanges were built on the site.
The road Northern bypass of Aktobe connects the highways of Khromtau and Martuk districts. Its main purpose is a direct route to the territory of neighboring Russia, which contributes to the development of trade between the countries. Another advantage of this project is the environmental component: cars moving from Khromtau, through Martuk to Russia and the other way round, will continue the way without stopping in Aktobe. This fact affects the environmental improvement of the regional center, as the traffic flow in the cityhas significantly decreased.

  • NC KazAutoZhol JSC


  • 2013

    Implementation date