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Center-East. Astana-Pavlodar Highway
About the project

Location - the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akmola oblast
The length - 124.3 km
Coverage - Cement Concrete
Category - I-A, I-B
Main types of work- reconstruction of road and construction of bridges, overpasses and traffic interchanges 

Experts note the special significance of the Astana-Pavlodar project for the Kazakhstan economy: the updated road will connect the regions of Kazakhstan with the largest economic centers of the West Siberian region of the Russian Federation – Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk and the Altai Republic. The new route is being built aking into account the projected growth in traffic intensity for 20 years ahead. The autobahn will provide a passage for more than 10 thousand cars a day with an annual growth of this indicator.
After reconstruction Astana-Pavlodar highway will become the first technical category road with 4 lanes. The choice of material in NC KazAutoZhol JSC is explained by a number of indisputable advantages: economic, environmental and operational:
Concrete coverages are resistant to deformation, have the ability to distribute the load, withstand high and low temperatures;
- The material is resistant to pollution and mechanical stress, the concrete is
easy to keep clean;
- The concrete covering practically does not demand expenses on maintenance
and repair works.
Thanks to the scale of the project, more than 3 thousand new jobs have already been created in the region. BI Road Construction actively involves residents of local settlements and actively cooperates with local enterprises for the production of construction materials, which provide most of the raw material needs. Special mention deserves road safety, which will improve many times after the road commissioning. Barrier fences, installed on the roads of the first technical category, do not allow cars to enter the oncoming lane and leave the road in the wrong places and can reduce the number of accidents by at least 3 times.
The BI Group holding, leader of Kazakhstan's construction accounts for about 40% of the entire length of the Astana-Pavlodar highway (150 km), with a total
construction cost of more than 83 billion tenge.

  • NC KazAutoZhol JSC


  • 2015, 2017, 2018

    Implementation date