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Center-South. Astana-Karaganda-Balkhash-Almaty 1382-1416 KM
About the project

Location - the Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda Oblast
The length – 34.2 km
Coverage – Cement concrete
Category – I-A
Contract cost - $ 123.9 million
Main types of work - Reconstruction of the road and construction of bridges, overpasses and traffic interchanges

According to calculations, in 2032, on the Astana-Temirtau highway, there will be 15000 units of vehicles per day - from motorcycles to three-axle trucks
weighing 10-12 tons. Reconstruction of each segment means not only the laying of the roadway, but also the implementation of all the necessary auxiliary work.
According to the project documentation, interchanges, overpasses, snow protection barriers, bridges, and stair slopes are provided on the section of
1382–1416 km.
The road project was also unique because 99% of the materials used for its implementation were of domestic production. Metal structures were delivered
from the capital, inert materials from factories and quarries of Temirtau and Karaganda.

  • NC KazAutoZhol JSC


  • 2017

    Implementation date