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"Green Park" RC
About the project

The residential complex Green Park is a 9-storey building with 4 entrances. In total, the complex has 166 apartments and 8 premises for commercial leases. As in any prestigious complex there is a full-time surveillance and a spacious underground parking. The yard is closed to passage.
The frame of reinforced concrete in combination with heat-treated granite gives the house the reliability and durability. The walls made of the gas blocks provide additional security, protecting against fire. The coating consists of ventilated ceramic tiles.
Residential complex Green Park for those who appreciate convenience in everything The advantage of the complex is entrances on both sides of the house. There are shops and other important objects on the first floors. Bypass road is situated near the house. So you definitely will not be late for work and will return home in time. You will fall in love with the stylish and bright entrance halls of the RC Green Park!
Creatively decorated figures adorn the walls. There are entry and exit signs and directions to parking everywhere. Entrances are equipped with noiseless elevators of foreign production.
There is everything for the education of your children near the complex: an
educational lyceum, a functioning kindergarten and entertainment complexes. A large shopping center Green mall was created so that you save your time and make all the necessary purchases near the house.
The apartments in the complex are ready for finishing, the house has all the necessary utilities and all surfaces for your coating are aligned. Tenants can choose final
finishing from the developer or their own vision of the design of the room.
Green Park or amazing courtyards The creativity of the founders of the complex can only be envied. Courtyards with modern conveniences delight the eye with their landscaping. The whole territory is
decorated with original landscape design. In addition, they are equipped with
WorkOut stations with equipment for beginners and experienced athletes. For
intellectuals, chess was placed on the playground.
The residential complex Green Park surprisingly combines creative solutions and comfortable living conditions. This is exactly what the modern house for a human, in the understanding of designers and architects, looks like.