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"Orynbor Towers" RC
About the project

The new residential complex ORYNBOR TOWERS on the Left Bank of Astana is a paradise for ... well, for everyone! Modern architectural solution, advantageous location, creative types of cladding – is it possible to resist? If you have been thinking about purchasing a new home for a long time, but still didn’t come across worthy options, then here is your chance.

Both in terms of finance and in terms of location you will live in a well-developed area of the city. The most interesting thing here is that although there are a considerable number of different institutions, there will not be a feeling that you live in some huge metropolis. In the courtyard, conveniently located near the residential complex ORYNBOR TOWERS, comfort and peace will always reign and in the apartment itself you will be perfectly isolated from the noise from the yard.

Through passage entrances are just a brilliant invention. There are many more creative and comfortable ideas are embodied in the residential complex. You can fully familiarize with the project by downloading the presentation from the main page of our site.