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"Sozvezdie" RC
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It embodies all your desires about quality, comfortable and modern housing.
The EXPO 2017 International Exhibition site is very close and the Bi Village is not far.
For over 20 years on the residential and commercial real estate construction market, the company has earned the trust of its customers. It is one of the first among the largest developers of the country. Each residential complex is a well-thought-out infrastructure, using only the latest, modern and environmentally friendly materials.
The company proposes to design the apartment of your dreams. You no longer need to move into a typical and boring housing. By purchasing an apartment in the Constellation, you can create an internal layout of your choice, changing the number and size of rooms.
The advantages of the residential complex Constellation If you want an apartment in the layout of which you can make adjustments at your
discretion, then housing in a complex under construction is what you were looking for. You can independently determine the number of rooms and their location. Typical layouts are not for modern apartments. Now space, light and the ability to establish internally housing arrangement at its discretion is appreciated. The facade of the house is something to be proud of, and it should be not only
aesthetically attractive, but also perform a protective function. Ceramic panels and natural granite stone are used for cladding - reliable and environmentally friendly materials.
Halls of each house are made in a modern style. Everything is done for the
convenience of residents. There is a range of 4-6 apartments on the floor. Signs of floors and apartments in the entrance will help to navigate in the house.
The residential complex "Constellation" is a thoughtful arrangement of courtyards and access roads. There are beautiful playgrounds, convenient underground parking and a yard without cars. There are through passage entrances, which is convenient. In addition, there are planned green spaces and thoughtful landscaping. In addition to the arrangement of the courtyards of future tenants, the development of the infrastructure of the district is also of interest. There are cultural and entertainment complexes, a functioning school, two kindergartens under construction and other social facilities next to the Constellation.