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"Sauran Towers" RC
About the project

The building will be located in the center of the Left Bank. Well-organized
infrastructure of the area makes an offer to buy an apartment really in demand. On the one hand Water-Green Boulevard and on the other hand the territory of EXPO-2017, it is the ideal conditions for living. Developers will not make any surprises and changes in construction, so everyone is invited to download and watch a special presentation. It will give you a complete picture of the future residential complex, its size, appearance, etc.
Having chosen your future apartment, you will be able to consider its layout in as much detail as possible. Just imagine, there is no building yet, but you already know where to put the table, and where is the nightstand.

Why do you need an apartment in Sauran Towers
Even fans of private houses, who don’t have any idea how to live without their own backyard, have already signed an agreement to buy a house in Sauran Towers. The fact is that the developers of this project have worked hard, making the residential complex truly comfortable. Good sound insulation and a favorable location will allow all residents to achieve peace.

It is planned to organize an area where you can spend time near each house. There will even be a place for sports and a playground. Offices will be located on the lower floors of the residential complex, which will make living even more convenient for business people.

There are various cafes and shops nearby. Now, after work, you will not need to go somewhere to buy food for dinner, it is better to take the whole family and go ahead - enjoy new desserts in the nearest coffee shop.

The developer offers to buy an apartment in Sauran Towers at a bargain price; his offer makes the mortgage affordable. On our site you can better get acquainted with the size of the initial and all subsequent contributions. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of an apartment here, ask our experts. They quickly bring the client up to date.