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“British Quarter” RC
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Truly English lifestyle
• Housing class
• Location
Astana, the intersection of 4 Sarkyrama str. and Askar Tokpanov str.

The residential complex "British Quarter" is the reliability and stability of your life.
The “British Quarter” residential complex is located on the border between the left and right banks, in Akbulak-2 microdistrict, in Tokyrauyn side street, away from noisy highways in a quiet, eco-friendly area, not far from both the old and the new administrative center. The residential complexes "Milan quarter" and "Paris quarter" are located nearby.
The "British Quarter" RC is designed in the English style. The unique feature of this project lies in the courtyard: it has a special landscape, at different levels there are places for active games, children's playgrounds and recreation areas.
All houses of the complex are brick-built and have a pile foundation.
On the territory of the residential complex there are guest parking lots, flower gardens, sports and playgrounds, improvement and gardening of the courtyard with flower beds was also performed.