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“Lazurniy Kvartal” RC
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Great view from the windows
• Housing class
• Location
Astana, 5, 5а-е, 7, 7/2, 7/3, 7а, 7b Saraishyk str.

Large residential complex consisting of more than 12 apartment buildings with built-in business premises and several separate parking lots.
All buildings of the residential complex have rounded or wavy stained-glass windows of specific azure color, as well as identical decorations in the shape of a sail in the upper part of the houses.
The location of the residential complex guarantees its residents the opportunity to quickly get to all the important facilities of the new administrative center of the city on any type of transport or even by foot. A five-minute walk away are the House of Ministries, the Supreme Court, Baiterek, Nurly Zhol Boulevard, Arai Park, Embankment of Yesil River and many other facilities.
Getting to the right bank is also easy - there are two bridges across the Yesil River, 400 meters away from the residential complex, and two more within a kilometer radius. Shubar village is located near the complex, and driving through it, you can get to Korgalzhyn highway, where the capital circus, central park, Keruen City shopping center, “Duman” aquarium are located. Road junction of Saraishyk str. and Mangilik El Avenue guarantees the opportunity to choose the best routes to all facilities of the left and right banks.