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«Nura Esil» RC
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Comfort in details
• Housing class
Class III (Comfort)
• Location
Astana, Uly Dala Avenue

What does every family dream of when choosing an apartment? About eco-friendly area, silence and security.
All these characteristics can be attributed to the residential complex Nura Esil. It was named after a nearby channel.
Residential complex Nura Esil is located in the new part of the capital, which has not yet been touched by the hustle and bustle of the city. The noise of cars and car exhaust emissions will not interfere with your calm and well-ordered life. Here you can remember your childhood, looking at the bright starry sky in the evenings, and raise your children in the best conditions.
Nura Esil is located near a promising city highway – Tauelsizdik Avenue.

Stage 3 - Permission to attract funds from shared construction participants No. 48 dated 03.10.2018.
The certified company is "NURA ESIL ASTANA” LLP, the real estate developer is "BI EXPO CITY” LLP.