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"7-Ya" RC
About the project

• Housing class
Class III (comfort)
• Location
Astana, 21/6 Tauelsizdik Avenue

The name itself indicates that the complex is intended for young families with children. Located in the center of Astana, the complex offers comfortable apartments at affordable prices.
The residential complex "7Ya" is located at the intersection of Charles de Gaulle street and Tauelsizdik Avenue. The four-lane traffic on Tauelsіzdіk Avenue will allow the complex residents to drive around without traffic jams in this district. The residential complex has an attractive location in terms of transport accessibility to the historic center and the new administrative center of the city. The complex has a large courtyard. Modern and safe play and sports grounds are planned out for children. The territory of the yard is well-designed and planted with trees and shrubs.

Construction stage 4 - Permission to attract funds from shared construction participants No. 18 dated October 16, 2017
The certified company is “Ideal Invest Group” LLP, the real estate developer is “Kaz Industrial Group” LLP.