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Botanical Garden in Astana
About the project

The Botanical Garden with a park area will certainly become the main decoration of the left bank in summer 2018. It is located in the square of Kabanbai Batyr Avenue and Turkestan Street, № 24 and 26.

The entire Botanical Garden with a park area is 92 hectares, 63 hectares of which is a green massif. 17.7 hectares were allocated for the scientific zone. The research work will be carried out on the introduction, acclimatization, selection, reproduction and research of plants.

In total, 34 thousand trees and 86 thousand shrubs were planted in the garden. It should be noted that the geographical, soil and climatic characteristics of Astana do not allow cultivating many trees and shrubs here. However, a lot of work was done to build the infrastructure and improve the soil in this area by joint efforts of the Astana Akimat and the BI Group.

Two greenhouses with a total area of 1.6 thousand square meters and 21 sports and playgrounds for children, including for children with special needs, have been built and are functioning.

There are arches at the entrance, then - a bridge over an artificial pond with fountains (45 thousand square meters). There will be an ice rink in winter. Under one of the arches, there is a memorial stone with the date of foundation and the Latin maxim: Botanikalyq saiabaqtyn negizin qalaǵan Qazaqstan respýblikasynyń prezidenti - Elbasy N. Á. Nazarbaev. (The initiator of the creation of a botanical garden is Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Today you can already play sports and go for a walk in the garden. 11 km of bicycle roads and 10.5 km of running tracks were built in the park and 85 thousand square meters of paving stones were laid.

The first stage of construction work at the facility began in 2012. The President of the country personally took part in planting trees in the territory of the future botanical garden.

The construction of the administrative and laboratory building with an area of 3.4 thousand square meters, where 8 research laboratories, a seed bank and a herbarium fund are operating, has finished in December 2018. In addition, there are informative tours for residents and guests of the city.

At the second stage of construction, it is planned to build the largest greenhouse "Tropical Garden" in the center of the Botanical Garden, which will create the climatic conditions necessary for the cultivation of exotic flora and fauna.

It is expected that the garden will be visited by up to 1.2 million visitors per year. Have you already visited the Astana Botanical Garden? We invite you to walk through its green alleys.