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Mosque in the Burabay village
About the project

The territory of Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort area continues to develop, becoming enriched with new projects. The official opening of a new mosque with a capacity of up to 150 people took place on September 21 in the Burabay village.

The mosque, built by BI Construction, can be called unique with complete confidence: it is made in the avant-garde style, and at the same time, it follows all the canons and traditions of Islam.

The mosque is located on the shore of Lake Burabay on Kenesary Street. The area of the entire mosque is 1660 square meters. There is one minaret with dimensions in axes of 3.4х3.4 m. There are women and men's rooms for performing ablution, a room for storing shoes and technical rooms in the basement. There is a male prayer hall, a hall and dressing rooms on the ground floor and a female prayer hall, an imam's office and a reception room on the second floor. Rooms for reading the Koran and teaching and educational groups are located on the third floor of the mosque. In front of the main entrance, there is an open area, made in the best traditions of landscape design. In addition, on the territory of the mosque there are 48 parking spaces.

New modern materials were used during the construction. Polymer concrete panels are used in the inclined part of the facade, and a multi-comfort glazing is used in the aluminum stained glass windows. Exterior finish basement parts is granite and travertine. A hinged ventilated facade system of the type VEC-FR was used for the fastening of the facade. Each porch (from the main and courtyard entrances) is lined with granite.