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Reconstruction of Nazarbayev Avenue in Almaty
About the project

The President of Kazakhstan visited the reconstructed streets of the southern capital, including Abay and Nursultan Nazarbayev Avenues on September 4, 2018.

The aim of the reconstruction is the renovation of outdated pavement, gardening elements: improvement of sidewalks, curbs, canals; landscaping (planting trees and lawn); installation of outdoor lighting and small architectural forms (stops, benches, bins); construction of fountains; communications and gas supply.

The site of projected BI Construction streets was more than 3 kilometers. There were laid 29 thousand square meters of pavement on this territory, the green area was 34 thousand square meters, 3 fountains, 13 stops, 151 benches, 168 bollards (road posts), 68 bins, 300 street lamps were installed, 1.4 km. trolleybus lines were replaced, 4.5 thousand running meters of drainage ditches were updated. BI Construction also donated a playground to the city, which is now installed in the square of Mametova, Makatayev streets and Nazarbayev Avenue.

It should be noted that BI Construction has started the reconstruction of the pedestrian zone of Nazarbayev Avenue, on the section from Abay Avenue to Raiymbek Avenue on June 14, 2018.