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Aura-1 BC
About the project

The official completion of the project was on December 30, 2017. The business center was built from March 2016 to December 2017.

Dias Adilkhanov, project manager: “In 21 months we have built a building of 38 thousand square meters with a fine finish. Aura consists of three blocks. They are a 10-storey block C, a 15-storey block B and block D,a substructure zone, the first floor connecting two blocks. The designers' idea was embodied by 100%. We used materials from Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic. In addition to the materials, there are many specialties that are used in class A business centers. This is a BMS, building management system, and the use of modern technology, energy saving and much more. The façade, double-glazed windows and everything that could be made as comfortable as possible for the work of customers, was applied in the Aura business center.”

Stained glass windows with the view to the territory of the former exhibition EXPO and warm and cozy rooms are waiting for their new residents. The commissioning of the building will take place immediately after the New Year.