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IT center in Petropavlovsk
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The 15th Forum of Interregional Cooperation of Kazakhstan and Russia was held in Petropavlovsk on November 9, 2018. The event started in a new IT center, built by BI Construction by order of the MPI "Office of Construction, Architecture and Urban Planning of the Akimat of North Kazakhstan Oblast".

The IT center, called as the Schoolchildren’s Palace, will certainly become the center of youth innovation creativity. It was built with the aim of developing the scientific and technical potential of children, providing the necessary conditions for their cultural development. Moreover, it is aimed at acquaintance with various types of professional activity, improvement of group and interpersonal communication skills, primary mastering of rules and norms of behavior. The total area of the building is more than 14.8 thousand square meters. The schoolchildren’s palace consists of several blocks and 268 rooms. These include a celebration hall, an assembly hall for 150 seats, a concert hall for 294 seats, an audience for 100 seats, theater groups with wardrobe rooms, music classes (classes for violin, vocal, dombra, piano), dance classes, administrative utility rooms, design and painting rooms, interactive learning rooms and a living area.

At the opening, it was said that due to decent equipment, the main function of the project is being implemented, aimed at the development of the IT industry, biotechnology, and exact sciences in the city of Petropavlovsk and the North Kazakhstan oblast. Thus, the IT center is equipped with physics, biology and chemistry offices, a drones development office, 3D prototyping, an industrial Internet of things laboratory, an electronics and electrical engineering laboratory, a robotics and mechatronics laboratory, and a programming room for measuring systems. In addition, the new Schoolchildren’s Palace has the following rooms: an SDR radio office, a hall equipped with LED screens in the hall columns, a digital reception desk, 3D tables, a Lego Mindstorms office, a mobile vacuum cinema, a technology zone and a modern scientific industry zone (Evrikum), virtual reality room, animation studio, Nettle Desk holographic class, film studio, recording studio, programming room, start-up projects office, hydroponics and co-working center. Robot Thespian, Robot Nao and Lexsolar electric car will be permanent residents of the center.

There are two parking lots for 45 and 48 parking spaces on the territory of the Schoolchildren’s Palace. It is planned to install children's play and sports grounds. The new Schoolchildren's Palace in the city of Petropavlovsk is an early profiling and preparation of children and young people for the new technological order. The aim is to uncover children's talents in almost any field, including robotics. More than 60 clubs in various directions will begin to function in the near future.