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Drama Theater in Taldykorgan
About the project

The grand opening of the new Drama Theater took place on October 30. The event is timed to the beginning of the VII International Theater Festival of Central Asian countries "Kazakhstan - the heart of Eurasia", which started in Taldykorgan.

BI Construction started the project in October 2016 and completed construction two years later. The new drama theater has an area of 10.5 thousand square meters, is designed for 186 jobs, and the main hall accommodates 510 guests.

Mirdos Alimzhanov, Project manager told about the technical characteristics of the theater.

“Modern theatrical technology has advanced far ahead, based on the high demands of modern stage direction. Regarding to this, the requirements for equipping the stage with equipment have increased. All theatrical and technological equipment is individual and was developed on the basis of the architectural features of the stage space and the auditorium.”

The theater has one underground and three above-ground floors. The facade of the building is decorated with high-quality modern materials, and the walls of the basement are decorated with granite according to the system of the hinged facade.  The Drama Theater cannot be considered as a closed system. Its main lobby and foyer are a kind of covered area that flows into the main square with two fountains in front of the theater building. Moreover, in front of the building on both sides there will be a hotel, an exhibition hall and a celebration hall. Certainly, the territory of the theater and the square will become a new city center and a favorite place of citizens to rest.