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BMEI Project
About the project

Date of implementation: 01.02.2017

Location: Atyrau oblast, Prorva oil field, northeast coast of the Caspian Sea

Project Leader: Michael Baxter

Completion date of the project: 31.12.2018


BMEI is a large-scale international project related to the oil and gas construction sector.

The project was launched in February 2017 at the Prorva oil field.

The main goal of the project is to create infrastructure and open access for oil and gas companies to the northeast part of the Caspian Sea. This will allow the delivery of modules and other goods intended for the construction of an oil and gas plant of the 3rd generation.

The customer of the project is TenizService LLP. The general contractor is BI Engineering.

The BMEI project includes ground parts for the construction of a facility for unloading and storing modules, laying engineering networks, building a camp for the personnel, tanks for water purification and administrative buildings.

There are 5 basic directions:

• СOF – port area for logistics of large-size cargo - modules;

• CSF – module acceptance area, administrative buildings and warehouses for temporary storage of goods;

• WTF/DWP – one of water tankers and tanks for desalination of water;

• AC/TC – zone of a residential settlement for TenizService personnel;

• 100 KV Overhead – high voltage substation area.