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  • Residential class: comfort
  • Location: 40 Alikhan Bukeikhanov street, Nur-Sultan city.
“Mangilik” apartment complex consisting of 222 apartments has been built for 10 months. According to plan phase 1 construction have to be completed in February 2019, but project team delivered the project on New Year's Eve.

Building part – reinforced frame with gas concrete block. Facade is made of cementitious panel and bezel. Apartments from 45 to 130 square meters in area with comfortable layout. The ceiling is 2.7 meters height. The plastic steel windows with triple-glazing and system providing security for children. There are from 2 to 6 apartments on the landing. Underground parking for 122 parking spaces are at the disposal of residents.

Inner court of apartment complex is decorated with original landscape design, which is equipped with sport and children’s ground both for babies and juveniles, rest areas for adults are also provided. About 2000 square meters are allocated for sport grounds , for children's grounds – 1200 square meters, for adult’s rest – 750 square meters. Grass plot and parterres are bedded around the house with 10,200 square meters in total area. 

The complex is equipped with security and “smart lighting” systems.