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Municipal infectious diseases hospital (Nur-Sultan)
About the project

In Accordance with the decision of the State Commission for ensuring the state of emergency under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an infectious diseases hospital was built in 15 days in Nur-Sultan. The new medical facility, designed for 200 beds (including 20 for intensive care), is equipped with the most modern equipment. It has everything you need for therapy and patient care – biochemical laboratories, equipment for radiography and computed tomography, a quarantine zone and an intensive care unit, and for staff – a comfortable recreation area with a disinfection system. 

The construction of the hospital building with an area of 6980.85 square meters in such a short time became possible thanks to the use of ready – made prefabricated structures-reinforced concrete modules manufactured at the ModeX plant. They were delivered to the construction site with Windows, doors, facades already installed at the enterprise, with partial interior decoration and sanitary ware. It should be noted that this is the first building in Kazakhstan built using industrial-modular technology. In total, 111 modular blocks were required for the construction of the building, and 3 thousand cubic meters of concrete, 162 tons of metal structures, 183 tons of rebar and other materials were required for filling the foundation. 

The project uses building materials that meet the requirements for such objects. Thus, specialized sealed doors for medical institutions were delivered from Minsk. Linoleum with a protective polyurethane layer is used as a floor covering, and antiseptic paint is used for walls and ceilings. In radiography and computed tomography rooms, the floor and walls are covered with lead x-ray protection panels up to 5 mm thick, and the doors are also lead-protected. 

The hospital is equipped with a special ventilation system that creates negative pressure in the wards and provides triple air purification, including the use of ultraviolet emitters. For intensive care units oxygen station is used. The facility's sewage system has local treatment facilities with an electrolysis plant for cleaning effluents from viruses. In addition, at the exit from the hospital territory, a disinfecting barrier is installed to clean outgoing vehicles. All this will almost completely eliminate the possibility of accidental infection.