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Green Lifestyle
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Green Lifestyle
A wonderful event of receiving apartment keys in a new house was celebrated in Astana by 166 families.
Nauryz is a holiday of nature revitalizing; therefore it is very symbolic to become a new settler in these spring days. The future Green Park residents are delighted with the courtyard, the design of the porches and of course their apartments. There is much to be surprised with here!
The whole complex is designed in the “green” style; porches are decorated with mock-ups of leaves, flowers and petals. There is a “golden” tree in the yard of the house which for sure will become one of the attractions of this area. The yard is a special topic for conversation. In addition to the children's and sports grounds, there is a chess board with large figures.
The project manager Nurlan Kabiev said that there are parking for 54 cars, through doorways, interesting elevator design, navigation in the halls and parking as well as windows freezing protection inside the apartments.
The complex is located in a developing area of the capital, in close proximity to Green Quarter RC and Khan Shatyr SRC. There are several schools and kindergartens, supermarkets nearby. There is a bus stop and convenient transport interchange close by.

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